Aimee & Jeff’s Wedding at Lord Jeffery Inn

Driving up to the Lord Jeffery Inn in Amherst, MA on the morning of Aimee and Jeff’s Wedding day felt like something out of a story book, so New England,  quaint and stately. With a bustling farmers market just across the way on the old timey green adding yet an additional layer of festivities to what was already an exciting day. The weather which had been shouting rain on the forecast the days prior had decided to hold to a pleasant cool and crisp. Even with all of those lovely things, walking into Aimee’s room we realized none of them really mattered. Aimee is one of those people who exude an aura of happy warmth and gives you the feeling that nothing could really bother her for long, rain or shine this bride was going to have a beautiful day! Florian and I love couples like this, brides and grooms who are so happy to be marrying each-other that nothing could shake them!

Meeting Jeff was like meeting Aimee, both had the same good natured hospitality and excitement. You got the feeling that the two of them complimented and supported each other in such an effortless way that they just sort of fit snugly together. Everything about the day was beautiful but as with every couple truly in love, the most memorable part of the day was watching two people in love and ridiculously happy!

Ceremony: Grace Episcopal Church
Venue: Lord Jeffery Inn
Officiant: Reverend Jane Beebe
Coordination: LDC & Co
Flowers: Daisy Stone Studio
Cake: Atkins Farm
Catering: Lord Jeffery Inn
Invitation Design: Minted
Videography: Harborview Video
Entertainment: Brick Park Entertainment
Bridal Dress: Sottero & Midgley
Harpist: Debbie Vinick