Taylor’s North Maui Portraits

Its always a pleasure to get to spend time with young women as sweet and beautiful as this girl! I’ve had the privilege of knowing her since she was just a little girl and it wasn’t until I got her in front of my camera did I realize just how much she’s grown. I think sometimes the mind keeps our little ones little as long as possible. However Taylor is not just growing more beautiful but into a genuinely wonderful person who cares about others and is carving out her place in the world. With energy and ambition in abundance it makes me pretty stoked to know that she will be part of the future and that she has what it takes to go places in this crazy world.

This North Maui Beach Photoshoot was done in celebration of Taylors 16th Birthday and we wanted to get as many different settings as possible in our time together so we decided on Kanaha Beach with its beautiful blue ocean and white sand along with the greenery both tropical and woodsy.