Maile & Pono’s Upcountry Wedding

Its not everyday we get to be a part of a wedding in Maui’s beautiful upcountry, Makawao my old hometown no less. This is a place that captures a side of Maui that many can’t even imagine exists. A place of sprawling farms, pineapple fields, and the scent of eucalyptus in the air, a place that I for one feel instantly at peace in.

Maile and Pono’s backyard wedding had all the charm and intimacy you could hope for, with aunties and uncles preparing flowers, and last minute poke bowl filling. The kind of wedding where the preparation is part of the event and the smiles come from working along side loved ones. It was easy to see where Maile and Pono got there genuine sweet personalities from and it made the day all that much more heartwarming!