You just got engaged! What now? – Planning your Wedding Part 1

The holiday season towards the end of the year is the time were most couples get serious and decide to take the next steps. The exact statistics vary depending on who you ask, but the most popular dates to get engaged are the days around Christmas, New Year’s Eve and of course Valentine’s day. So being right in the middle of this exciting time of the year, we want to take a closer look at what happens next – the time of planning your wedding.

Before talking to any wedding professionals, it is very helpful to set your priorities and talk the important cornerstones through with your partner. Talk about your ideas and how you can make them work. The main areas are:

  • Size: How many people you invite has a strong influence on the timing and budget of the day. Celebrating only with your closest family and friends can give you a very intimate experience. A big party with hundreds of guests will give a very different flair. Think about how your normally celebrate your important life events and find a good match.
  • Budget: This is where dreams meet reality. Be honest to yourself how much you can afford. Maybe your parents help you out, maybe you have saved up for your wedding day. Start by making an overall budget and allocate it to the different items on your list. It will for sure change in the process, but it helps you to better understand your priorities and balance between them. Looking at this also helps you to understand what might be good for you to do yourself and were to rely on the professionals.
  • Your and your Families Expectation: It is your big day, so you should be doing what you enjoy most. However, it is good to be aware of the expectations of people also heavily emotional invested in your wedding so can consider them early on. In most cases it is not even about fulfilling all of them, but making sure things are spoken about before the wedding, so in the heat of the day nothing lingering is boiling up.

Don’t worry, even it seems overwhelming at the beginning, talking about those details help along the way. Even ideas change along the way, having a big picture formulated, helps you to stay grounded and find your way in this exciting time.