Alissa & Brad’s Hawaii Destination Wedding

It was a perfect day on Maui for a wedding! Nestled away at the Kaanapali villas next to the ocean and surrounded by clear breezy blue skies Alissa and Brad eagerly prepared to embark on the journey of marriage together.

Alissa is one of those brides who can light up a room with a warm smile that seems to radiate right out through her eyes making them sparkle and subsequently drawing you in. The whole atmosphere was fun and relaxed with Brad appearing steadfast and eager as he awaited his bride and enjoyed the company of his friends and family!

Alissa a former Maui girl herself and Brad choose Maui as their destination wedding spot for obvious reasons, it’s gorgeous!!! and they were able to celebrate with their loved ones. The Ceremony took place on the laws at the villas overlooking the ocean right before one of Maui’s gorgeous sunsets.

There is always a moment right before the reception where I have to gather myself for what’s to come, as receptions can take on all sorts of shapes and moods. Some are relaxed and mellow, some energetic and wild while others just kind of ebb and flow. Alyssa and Brads reception was one of perfect balance, mellow and connective and then I have to say when the dancing started with a little help from one of our favorite DJs things got pretty energetic! These guys could dance and if they couldn’t they did anyway which makes for the best carefree and fun environment that one could hope for!

Venue: Aston Maui Kaanapali Villas
Reception: Castaway Cafe
Photography: BellaEva Photography
Stylist: Heather Green, On Location Styling
DJ: Liam Grist