Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have the answers! See below some frequent questions and items of interest for you - please click on the question to expand the answer. In case you have any further inquiries feel free to contact us any time.

Pricing & Booking

How do I reserve you for a photo shooting?

As soon as we have decided on a date and time for your event you can pay the required deposit and you will be officially booked!

How high is the deposit? When is the remainder due?

The deposit to confirm your booking is 30 percent of the full package price (for bookings over 12 month in advance 50 percent). A minimum of $200 applies. The remainder is due latest seven days before the shooting.

Which forms of payments do you accept?

For easy payment of your package or deposit PayPal is available. We also accept cash or common credit/debit cards.

If we cancel our booking will we receive our deposit back?

In case you cancel you will not receive your deposit back. This covers any loss in the form of lost bookings to me. However if you change the date and it is an agreeable date for me I will apply it toward a new event.

I have a lot of time in between the events of my wedding day; will I be charged for this time?

The prices are set on the time the shooting starts to the time it ends. This includes travel time in between events, set up time, and any down time that presents its self with in the day due to the event planning. I will use as much of this time as possible to get shots of the details and surrounding areas of your event. Otherwise I will be available and ready to go when you are.

Do you charge for travel?

No travel fee applies for photo shootings for central Maui or Kihei/Wailea. For the Maui West Side there is a $ 75 fee. For inter-island or other bookings travel expenses are charged and will be discussed beforehand.

Do you travel to meet clients?

For initial client meetings I will only travel in central Maui unless we verbally work out and alternative. Once we have booked the wedding I will travel as far as Kapalua or Kihei for an additional client meeting.

Which additional cost might occur?

All outside fees, for example coordinator and venue commission, permits or any other third party cost have to be covered by the client.

Do you have Liability Insurance?

Yes I do! I am insured and can work with most hotels.


Is your media preference film or digital?

All photos are taken and processed digitally.

What type of camera equipment do you use?

I am currently shooting with a Nikon D800 and a back up Nikon D600. I have a SB600 shoe mount flash and a range of lenses to cover all needs during the shooting.

Do you provide digital negatives after the shoot?

You will be provided with edited images only. Each picture is carefully handled and will be a representation of my work. Be sure to look at my portfolio and that my work and style are a good match for you.

What is the difference between edited photos and edited and retouched?

All final images are edited for color, saturation, exposure and sharpness ensuring that each image is on its own the best it can be. For retouched images we take things a step further by clearing up blemishes, smoothing the skin, removing as much interference from the back ground as possible i.e. that scuba diver that pops his head out of the water just as we are capturing the perfect kiss etc. Retouched images are transformed from great images into pieces of art!

Do you give all the images you shoot?

No, I go through your images carefully eliminating any obviously unusable ones. The packages come with a predetermined amount of images and I do my very best to give my clients the most outstanding images possible.

What rights do I have to the digital prints?

With each session you will receive reproduction rights to your predetermined amount of images. This gives the client the right to reproduce the images for personal use. The copyright of the images will remain with the photographer.

The Session

Which beaches do you recommend for a Family Photography Session?

Maui offers a vast variety of beautiful places for family portraits. We compiled a small overview of our favorite beaches and places to give you place to start.

What should we bring for our Family Portrait Session?

Good mood is the most important thing :) For the rest we put together a small overview on what to wear and would to bring: Getting Ready for a Family Session

What happens if we are running late or vice versa to our shoot? Will you extend the shooting time?

It is my practice to arrive early to my shoots, as I like to scope out the surroundings and get my creative mind going. If for some reason I am late I will do my best to extend the time or if the time is substantial and the shoot is unsuccessful I will refund all or part of the money. If a client is late we will do our best in the time that is remaining to get everything we need. My portrait sessions are quite long in the time frame available. I do this precisely for this reason, many families with kids need extra time and my goal is that everyone is relaxed and happy.

What if its raining, or we booked a sunset wedding and due to the weather there is no sunset?

In the case of rain or bad weather we will have to improvise! Sometimes that means finding shelter or finding other creative way to capture the moment. If the weather is potentially damaging to my equipment we will be restricted to areas that I can safely shoot. There are no refunds due to weather. What I can guarantee is that we will capture the essence of your event.

Are you available to stay longer if we want to hire you for more time on the spot?

What are your rates and how do we go about this? Depending on my availability I can stay additional time with an hourly rate of $250.

After the Photo Session

How soon after the event are the proofs ready for viewing?

A sneak preview will be published on our website within one week after the shooting. The final proofing of the photos takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Do you offer online viewing?

Can we pick our pictures? Yes I offer easy online viewing! You can go through your gallery and pick the images you want as part of your package! (Excludes weddings booked through Ministers) You can also share your gallery with whoever you want!

How long does it take until my gallery is available for viewing?

Galleries take 4-5 weeks to publish. If you are choosing a base number of images with no retouching the images will be available for download within 2 days. If your package requires additional editing it will take up to 1 additional week for your images to be available.

Can I see some of my pictures right away?

Yes! For clients who would like to see a small sampling of their photos within the first few days I offer what is called a “sneak peak” that can be viewed on our website blog and are linked to Facebook and Google+ . Of course I won’t tag you and if you want to share your sneak peak with friends and family you can do so by sharing the post straight to your own page.

Can you just email me a few images?

I prefer not to email images to clients. The images will be delivered all at one time, as a complete package. The sneak peeks are there only for a quick preview of what’s to come.

What if I lose my DVD image or flash drive?

In the case that your DVD/flash drive becomes damaged or lost, it can be replaced at a $50 charge.

Do you backup your images? How can we be sure our images won’t get lost?

I do back up my images. I store two copies of your images each one on a separate hard drive. I will store your images for one year, after that time you should have made back up images for your own library.