Getting ready for a Family Photo Session

What should we wear? What should we bring? Preparation for a Family Photo Session at the beach can be challenging when dealing with kids and a significant other who sometimes have different opinions on what to wear and how to get ready. In this short overview are some helpful tips to help things go smoothly:

In a Nutshell

  • Wear simple and comfortable clothes that are easy to move in
  • Pick a consistent color theme, but try to avoid multiple people wearing the some exact color
  • Use patterns lightly to mix up the collection
  • If you have long hair, bring bobby pins and a brush for a quick adjustments when needed
  • When the sun is out it gets hot - bring some water and put sunscreen on before the shoot

Clothes & Hair

Select clothes you feel comfortable in so you can easily move and you don't need to fiddle with them during the session. For example bra straps, pockets with flaps or short skirts can be a big distraction during a session and keep you from relaxing and enjoying your session. Keep it simple. Please keep in mind that what looks good for everyday wear, might not be the best choice for a photo sessions. Avoid clothes that are too tight or to baggy. 

We recommend picking a consistent color theme, are favorites tend to be greens, corals, and varying shades of blue. Feel free to mix and match with in your color theme, Boys in one color girls in another or even varying shades of the same color can give your pictures a really fresh and upbeat feel.  Also don’t be afraid of patterns, just don’t over do it and combine it with some solids to balance it out. 

Although it often seems like an easy choice wearing white is not always the most flattering or easy to maintain on the beach. Try to avoid multiple people wearing the some color as it can give the impression of a large blob of that particular color in the final photos. When in doubt feel free to bring changes of clothes (for kids this is always a good idea in case they get wet or overly sandy) bring as much stuff as you like and I will gladly help you at the beginning of the session! 

It can get quite windy at the beach, so if you have a long hair bring some bobby pins or hair ties. A brush for a quick adjustments can also help.

Helpful Accessories  

Especially for little kids a one hour session can be very demanding. If you have the possibility, bring one or two of their favorite toys so they can play and relax a bit during the photo session.

Anything else? Depending on the time of the day, make sure that you wear sunscreen and bring water. Especially during the summer month it can pretty hot during the sessions. Also some spare water to rinse your feet and wash of the sand afterwards.