A bit of Beau

I had the recent pleasure of visiting with this talented woman while she was here on Maui for Christmas and as anyone who has ever spent more than 5 minutes with her knows she's pretty inspirational! I of course  jumped at the chance to photograph her and secretly was just excited to have an hour with her to myself! Beau as we call her, is an artist and a singer song writer that pours her self into her lyrics and the delivery of melody that will undoubtedly resonate within her listeners. She brings something unique, more than a voice, more than words, she brings herself, her faith and her huge heart. 

I remember the early days when she was just starting high school, locking herself away in her room for hours, strumming and singing and honing her skills. She's come so far yet in some ways she is very much the same. Genuine, vulnerable but still some how tough, a girl with rock solid faith!

I asked Isabeau to tell me a little bit about her music, her journey as an artist and what inspires her. So with out further adiu, Meet Isabeau Waia'u Walker .......

Her Music Style:

I'm never really sure of how to describe my musical genre. I have struggled to answer that question for as long as I can remember.  Not because my songs couldn't fit within a specific genre because they could. I'll let you decide what category I fit into ... I don't care much about it :)

On Where she got her start and inspiration:

My dad made a point of keeping instruments around the house when we were younger. Even though we grew up poorer, there was a wealth of music and song in our household. My dad has an old family Martin that was passed down to him and we have all taken our turns writing with it and singing along with it's beautiful music.  

I learned to play a bit backwards.  I would mimic what my mom and dad were playing and singing and began to develop my own voice.  I couldn't read music (and still can't read much at all) but I could hear those harmonies and melodies and I could weave together chord progressions that pleased my ears and heart.  When I was younger, I found myself insecure about "how" I learned to play music...it didn't seem formal enough and I didn't have the "language" to converse with other musicians.  However, I've learned to shake off the heavy expectations and just make honest and heartfelt music. I like that better.  That's what I was built for ... I think :)

On Love, Faith, and A Grand Conversation:

My first and utmost purpose for making music is that it is one form of worship to the Father, the precious Holy Spirit and our beautiful Savior. It starts there and ends there. Not all of my songs are "worship" songs.  Some are stories. Some are prayers. Some are conversations that I couldn't manage to have just talking.  Some are songs about hope.  Some are cries for justice.  And, then there are others that are just straight up love songs...mushy gushy love songs. It's me telling stories. Some are better than others and some of my songs have yet to be finished...and may be in process for months or years. Let's hope not that long.

The Journey & The Support: ( Check her out on Patreon and Youtube ... its a treat I promise!) 

After moving away from Maui to go to college I continued to lead worship and sing around Portland in tiny coffee shops.  Eventually I began a YouTube Channel to share music with family back home. I was in my third year of teaching at a high school here in Oregon.  A couple of students dared me to start one and, well, I took them up on it and here I am 2 and a half years later. This online venue of sharing music has made it possible to connect with other musicians and listeners around the world. Right now I am in the midst of collaborating on a new EP with a fellow musician in Santiago, Chile. It was more than I expected and I am eager to see where it goes from here.  A YouTube subscriber contacted me and got me connected to Patreon.com so now I am actually earning money on each music video I create and release.  On Patreon.com, I am a "creator" and listeners can choose to come alongside me as Patrons of the Arts. It's been so strange but amazing to watch strangers join me in this unexpected musical adventure and become my friends.

Isabeau's Goal:

The goal is continue making music as long as the Lord will allow. I hope the songs move you to think, pray, hope, cry, laugh, love, serve, dance in your car, tap your fingers on a table and move your feet across the kitchen floor.  I hope they make you feel all the feels.

Isabeau is one of a kind and I personally believe her journey is one worth following. Its full of treats along the way as she releases her music, flashes us her silly expressions and muses over relevant and just down right entertaining topics that life brings her way! Now you get to enjoy a little bit of Beau and what this girl can do.. check out her other work and be blessed!

To learn more and see more of Beau you can visit her at: Facebook - Patreon - YouTube