Meet Lilly

In the last few months my creative bug has been biting my ankles. That spark which first got me looking through my camera lens at 13 has been making me crave a project where I can push the boundaries of my creativity as well as get back to some of my Maui roots. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love meeting families from around the world and being a part of peoples weddings. In fact its seriously one of the most amazing feelings and I am constantly filled with gratitude that I am so blessed to do what I do, but here I am wanting to look through my lens and see some other sides of Maui Life. 

I've decided to start a series called Maui Made. Featuring kids from around Maui doing the things they love. Take Lilly, one of the sweetest, most talented girls I know! This girl is a beautiful dancer, as well as a gifted actress she is really a very special young lady and she inspired me so much in our afternoon together! Which is just what I was hoping for:) 

One of the things I love about lifestyle photography is the unpredictability of life. There are so many elements out of my control on a session like this. The light and the weather are usually the biggest factors that I work with and so when the day came for our session and it was quite literally pouring outside I had to make a decision on whether to go for it or not. In retrospect I could not have asked for a better weather to showcase this young lady. Something about the rain and the damp earth perfectly back dropped the beauty of who this young lady is!

Here at the end our our session we almost decided to forgo the last portion as it was already dark and still rainy on the side of the island we were on. Looking in the direction of the usually sunny Kihei all that could be seen was a grey wall of fog, cloud and mist. Yet we were in the spirit of adventure and truth be told Lilly still had one outfit left that we wanted to photograph her in ( girls are so fun!! ) so off we went and WOW! The light was something out of a fairy tale and Mrs. Lilly finally got to use her point shoes!!