Cairo BellaEva

For those of you who know me you probably know that Cairo is my daughter. Her middle name BellaEva means beautiful life and is the inspiration for my photography. This name fits her perfectly, she’s a wild and amazing girl with passion that can go in all directions and vocal pitches. She is expressive and sensitive and caring and so very, very full of vibrant life.

For her session I wanted to do it somewhere that would fit her wild personality. I choose Honolua Bay because it’s one of my favorite places on the island and because the jungle area was a veritable playground for Cairo and most of all I knew she would love it! 

One of the most striking things about Cairo besides her personality and vocal pitch is her mane! Sometimes I can sit and just watch her hair as it wafts in the breeze, it reminds me of wheat fields or spun gold. It also has the ability to change rapidly from perfect beach waves to lions mane, needless to say I love her hair, and I love this girl with all my heart!