Adah Bug

Time for round two of my Maui Made series, and I am having so much fun! Let me introduce Adah, or Adah bug as we like to call her. This little woman is just that, a little woman. I've never met a kid who loved office supplies more, or liked to organize and create business models as much as her! In fact we designed the first part of our session around sticky notes and her love of being the "teacher". The inspiring thing about this girl is that her head is so full of ideas, her imagination so endless and her confidence so boundless that It reminds me to be a bit more fearless in my own life and to dream big dreams unabashedly...... 

I have to say one of my favorite things about photographing Adah was the necessity on my part to slow down and just be a part of her world. In doing so I was gifted a small glimpse into childhood with all its grand ideas and big emotions. This girl in particular has ambition and lots of plans and that special confidence of child hood to spark excitement in the world around her. Being with Adah for a few hours you just know the future has so much to offer her and better yet she has so much to offer in return!

We ended our session in Old Wailuku town, a cute town in Central Maui but not the typical place I would take someone to do pictures. I wanted to find some interesting back drops and to see what this creative little mind would do with the normal surroundings of everyday life. She did what kids do, she jumped and climbed and twirled and played and it was just perfect. I love doing this style of photography, it's a gift to be able to experience people this way!