Genevieve & Joshua's Maui Beach Wedding

What happens when a local girl comes home to Maui to get married on the beach? One heck of a beach wedding, that's what! I have to say that one of the surprising things about being a wedding photographer on Maui is how each ceremony is so unique even though their are elements that are pretty consistent. Genevieve and Joshua threw a bonafied wedding party with toes (and bums) in the sand and no lack of blue sky and blue water. This girl graced her sandy isle dripping with Maui grown flowers, an ethereal dress and a happy glow that fit perfectly with the beauty all around her!

While not your typical palm trees and sunset over the water beach, D.T. Flemings is for sure one of my favorite beaches on the island. On the far west side of Maui, D.T Flemings has a rugged almost magical feel, especially as sunset. With huge sea cliffs, low hanging whimsical trees, and a golden light that settles in like a fine mist its like nowhere else! 

After watching the sun go down with Genevieve and Joshua and taking advantage of the amazing bonfire ablaze on the beach we all headed into Lahaina town. Koa's was really the perfect little hideaway party spot, with a private balcony overlooking the Lahaina coast and stunning reflection of the city lights on the ocean. With good food and drink there was no shortage of happy laughter and true celebrating. Genevieve and Joshua ended the evening dancing with friends and family to good music and the backdrop of crashing waves! It seriously couldn't have been a more perfect day!