A Family Photo Session with three little girls

Going into a family portrait session can be often a huge sense of anticipation. I get to meet so many families from so many places of the world as they venture to Maui and take advantage of the sun, sand and free time to book sometimes long overdue portrait sessions for their families.

When I walk into a family portrait session knowing that I will be spending the morning with three little ones under the age of 5 I do two things. First I make myself a second cup of coffee, and second I try to harness a little of my own inner child and prepare for a morning of playing with (hopefully) happy kids full of excitement and wonder!

When I showed up to meet this beautiful family at the Honua Kai I was beyond happy! How in the world could one family have three of not only the cutest little girls but also the happiest, most easy going ones I've yet to meet! I actually had to resist the urge to offer my services as a babysitter :)