On the road to Hana with Caryn & Dana

Married for a five years now Caryn and Dana wanted to re-take their wedding pictures to celebrate their love and to commemorate their time on Maui. In lieu of the traditional beach portraits we headed to the Jungle!

We stopped off at what appeared to be a promising spot off the side of the road and walked a ways, crawled a bit and slipped and slid over a small muddy stream before finding just the right spot. Rewarded with a secluded forest of bamboo and ethereal light we fully embraced the freedom and earthiness of the spot and managed to capture some pretty amazing shots. Sighh ... I just love Maui :-) 

Location: Road to Hana
Photographers: Aundrea V. Harrell, Florian Marschoun
Makeup & hair: Alex Hearn-Uecke, Maui Bridal Hair