Cami & Ryan's Hideaway Ceremony On Maui

For some reason these two remind me of a couple right out of a 1950's romantic movie ( Ahem! of which I am a huge fan!) ! They  just had this youthful happiness that was so endearing and sweet that you couldn't help but just feel as if you wanted to stay near them and admire such an engaging love.

I had planned to paraphrase the love story between these two but Cami wrote it so cute and perfectly I'm just going to share it straight from Cami! Enjoy...

Ryan had recently moved to my hometown to go to the local university where I attended as well. He needed a new mattress for his apartment, so he called up a number on Craigslist hoping to find a good deal. My mother answered the phone and apologized because she had already promised the mattress to another person. I happened to be in the room listening to the conversation, and asked whom she had been talking to. She told me "Oh, I was talking with the nicest college student named Ryan who wanted the mattress, but I already told another lady she could have it." I have extreme sympathy for college students, so I half-jokingly replied, "Mom, some 'lady' doesn't need the mattress more than a struggling college student just trying to make his way in life!" Apparently I was convincing, because she then decided to call Ryan back and offer him the mattress instead......

   Ryan arrived the next day, and I happened to be looking out the window while I was sewing and saw an extremely handsome, tall man with my mom! I then decided to go outside to "help" (haha), and Ryan and I totally hit it off. He asked if he could buy me lunch the next day at the university between classes, and we ended up talking for two hours straight.

The next day he texted me after class and told me that I needed to meet him off campus so he could take me somewhere fun. I happily agreed, and he drove me to the top of Perfumo Canyon (where we later had our engagement shoot) in his classic 1966 Dodge Coronet. He brought blankets and a box of pizza, and we lied on the hood of his car talking and looking at the stars for hours.

Since the first day Ryan and I met we have been basically inseparable, and after two and a half years he proposed to me on the beach after he had just taken me skydiving. We both feel so lucky to have found each other- and even luckier that he had needed a mattress that day!

Congratulations you two and I wish you a life time of happiness!

Location: Makena Cove
Photographer: Aundrea V. Harrell, Florian Marschoun