Adventure time with my favorite princess warrior

I remember when I was little, around 4 or 5 my mom and I flew in a small little plane to Disneyland. To me it was magic, it was adventure and it was the first time I remember knowing I wanted to go places. I also remember I got a pair of mini mouse earrings and by the end of our trip I had lost one, which was quite devastating at the time!

Needless to say taking this little trip with my 5 year old daughter (Cairo) was really exciting for me. I was worried the initial flight might be to scary for her but in the end she was wonderstruck. To be honest so was I. We flew on the last flight out in the pitch black cloudless sky. At one point I laid my head agains the window and could imagine I was floating through outer space. It was one of those moments that the realization of its perfectness just hit me. 

We arrived in Kona and took the drive out to Ocean View, aka.  lava rock desert in the middle of no where. It had been at least a year since being able to see my grandma and it was so nice to sit and really spend time with her. Perhaps it takes being in the middle of no where for me to sit and relax! hmmm.....

On our Sunday mornings excursion into Kona Cairo says she sees a zebra. Of course I don't really believe it but I come up with the customary "WoW thats cool!" to appease her. But wait...

Once in Kona we decide to live it up! A sea side lunch before a long day of errands.

Ok, so yes Brave is my favorite disney movie, and maybe I influenced Cairo's choice of toy from Grandpa at the toy store. Maybe just maybe I really wanted to play with it too!! In my defense It was a good thing she had her bow because there were many beasts to slay and lucky me she knows how to make cupcakes out of beasts, mmmmmm. ( Grandpa joined in the fun too)

"Yes, thats right my flight leaves at 6:30 am dad" and "Yes I realize we will have to wake up at 4:00 am!" Sometimes when you have a busy schedule you just have to go for things and sometimes that means getting up way way too early:) 

In the end we made it home and I can't help but hope that one day Cairo will look back on this trip with a bit of fondness and excitement! I look forward to one day showing my kids the world!