"A Day in the Life" Series; A Morning with the Mattos Family

This is a special blog! First and foremost because its about the Mattos family and second because its part of a series Ill be working on that goes beyond the typical family portrait session and highlights "a day in the life" of families. I hope you enjoy...

I started my session with Tianna, Joey and little Ezra Riley at 8 am with three large coffee's in hand. There's something about mornings as a family that I love, still sleepy and fresh for the day. When everyone is in cuddle mode and happy to be together. Showing up before everyone could rub the sleep out of their eyes allowed me a unique view into their lives and relationships.  I loved every minute of  the morning with these guys and felt privileged to be a part of their lives. There's something so great about knowing that these moments are the ones they will look back on one day with the fondest of memories!

After everyone was fed and throughly cuddled the family decided to take little Ezra up to Iao Valley for a little stroll. Ezra, practically born with the ocean in her veins ( and the inner temperature regulation of girl born in the tropics ) was not quite as sure about dipping her toes into the chilly mountain streams.

What can be said about my day is that I was honored to be able to share it with these guys, that despite the camera they were amazingly relaxed and I hope that these moments will one day be looked back on, long from now and treasured.

Location: Iao Valley, Maui
Photography: Aundrea V. Harrell