Hurray for New Coffee House on Maui!!

Those of you who know me, there’s no surprise that I would be excited by the opening of Maui's newest coffee house. Living in Kahului and Wailuku our choice of coffee places is limited and finding a table or a cozy place to hunker down and read your favorite novel or write an essay can be difficult. This little gem is both spacious and cozy with free Wi-Fi and just the atmosphere needed to be considered a viable option. It’s a place where you can run into friends and a place to think and get things done (Did I mention its finals week?).

The Java Bee is located at 291 Hookahi St. in Wailuku, over by Sack'N Save. Although not your obvious spot for a coffee house it has its benefits. It's out of the way with lots of parking and the location gives it a notably out of the way feel.

So here is where the Java Bee stands its self out from the other coffee houses. The menu is not just your ordinary menu but a true blend of local meets mainland. With dishes like thai chicken quiche, sweet potato haupia squares and a selection of sandwiches and baked goodies. You can easily do lunch and dinner here, and week days you will find the Bee open until 8 pm!

The Coffee Bee is also armed with a great staff and just has an overall fun vibe. I was able to bring my 5 year old with me to read and hang out and it was no stress at all; which for me is really important since she is usually with me and this in no way hampers my need for caffeine and coziness! As soon as I am armed with my new laptop I will probably be calling this place the office :)

... a Happy me!